As the first 100 days of my Admistration continue, we have completed three of the five phases of our transition. The first phase, lasting one week, was from the day Dr. Chilima and I were sworn in to the day I was inaugurated. That phase focussed on 7 thi... read more

Fellow Citizens, I know you are anxious to hear an announcement of the new cabinet. In part, this is because I myself gave you the expectation to hear this announcement no later than my inauguration on July 6. But on second thought, Dr Chilima and I decid... read more

My Fellow Citizens, to stand before you as your President today is an honour. It’s an honour that fills me with unspeakable joy and immense gratitude. It’s an honour forged in the furnace of your desire and demand for change. It’s an honour crafted ... read more

The Supreme Court of Appeal has dismissed all three grounds of the Malawi Electoral Commission’s application to stop the Constitutional Court’s ruling from being executed. This means that MEC must implement all aspects of the ruling NOW!