Malawi Congress Party conducted primary elections in Dedza East Constituency on Sunday, November 24, 2018. The Presiding team of the elections were Hon. Peter Mazizi, Hon. Peter Chalera MP, Mr. Gerald Banda, and Luwanisa Chapora. At the end of the exercise, the Presiding Officer, going by the number of votes shared between two candidates, declared Mr. Patrick Bandawe the winner.

However, an independent enquiry by the Directorate of Elections has established that there were more than two contestants, yet the figures for the others have not been reported, which is irregular.

Further, we have established that a candidate in that race, having received votes that were insufficient for a victory, is alleged to have yielded the votes his supporters cast for him to another candidate, which is not only irregular, but is unethical and a serious breach of party conduct.

The Directorate of Elections therefore recommended that that candidate be disqualified and his votes discounted together with the figures of the declared winner who was a primary beneficiary of the violation.

For this reason, it is the resolution of the Party that Hon. Juliana Lunguzi is the legitimate winner of the Dedza East Primaries, not only because she had the votes to win before other candidates colluded to manipulate the process, but also because our investigations show that she had no part in the collusion.

This resolution reflects MCP’s belief in and committment to *Rule Of Law*, which is the fourth pillar of the *”CHAKWERA HIGH FIVE”* the agenda that our President has prepared to roll out when he becomes Head of State in May, 2019. It also demonstrates our commitment to *Uniting Malawi*, the fifth pillar of that agenda, ensuring that women like Hon. Lunguzi, who has been a stellar performer in Parliament, have an equal stake in the development agenda of Malawi.

Thirdly, this resolution is a display of our commitment to *End Corruption*, which is the third pillar of the *”CHAKWERA HIGH FIVE”*.

Lastly, we as the leadership of the Party, wish all participants in the remaining primary elections to know that this should serve as a warning that misconduct and corruption in primary elections or in the operations of the affairs of the Party will not be tolerated.

If one wishes to practice the politics of corruption, gender discrimination, chaos, manipulation and rigging of votes, there are other parties in Malawi they can join where that kind of conduct is smiled upon.

The new MCP under the leadership of Dr. Lazarus Chakwera will not be party to that kind of politics, for MCP is the party of order.

This is why Malawians all over the country are preparing to entrust us with forming the next government, and we are ready to govern.

So, on behalf of the Malawi Congress Party, we all say *Congratulations* Hon Juliana Lunguzi for being the official torchbearer for Dedza East constituency in the forthcoming Tripartite Elections.

*Hon Maurice Munthali*
*Publicity Secretary*

Issued At Lilongwe
Monday, 26 November 2018



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