Fellow Malawians,

I know it is hard to have to wait so long for the final results of your votes to be announced by the Malawi Electoral Commission. Harder still is the fact that in the absence of official results, some evil people have stepped into the vacuum either to give you false information or to try to interfere with the process tallying results in a desperate and failed attempt to subvert the clear will of Malawians.

At a recent press briefing, the chairperson of the Malawi Electoral Commission, Dr. Jane Ansah, stated that initial results have started coming in and are being verified in readiness for release. Still, we, as Malawi Congress Party, have been tabulating results from MEC’s own polling centers around the country, which our hardworking and tireless monitors are transmitting to our own parallel tally center, using state of the art equipment and impenetrable tabulation software under the supervision of the best IT specialists to be found anywhere.

Additionally, our statisticians are constantly comparing the tabulated results with the data that various media houses are independently receiving from journalists reporting directly from constituency and district tally centers around the country, and so far, the message from Malawians is clear.

We know that we currently have a commanding lead by double digits that continue to fluctuate between 40% and 50% of the presidential votes already counted, as well as a number of parliamentary races across the country. The signs of victory are evident, not only from the votes we are seeing coming in from constituencies in the Central region, but also from the North and in the South. Even so, I wish to call on the Malawi Electoral Commission to expedite its operations and address the factors delaying the process of transmitting and announcing results in order to ease public fears of tampering of results. I am especially disturbed by reports from our monitors across the country that many MEC Presiding Officers are refusing to give our leading monitors a copy of the result sheets they signed. I call on MEC to fix this anomaly with immediate effect before public temperatures rise due to this malpractice. Let me be clear: If MEC does not give each of our monitors a copy of the result sheets they signed, we will not accept those results, Period!

Now, to those evil people in power who are still trying to tamper with this election in these ways, my message to you is simple: I know of your activities, and if you do not cease and desist, you will soon face the long arm of the law.

I know of your failed attempt to rig this election, but you will not prevail.

I know of your plans to stir public fear and panic in order to create social
disorder, but you will not prevail.

I know of your activities in Mulanje, where you have tried to manufacture
inflated numbers, but you will not prevail.

I know of the thousands of our votes you have tried to render null and void in
the Lower Shire districts of Nsanje and Chitipa, but you will not prevail.

I know of the result sheets you are refusing to enter into the system at constituency tally centers across Dedza district, but you will not prevail.

All you are doing by these criminal activities is digging yourself deeper into quicksand, because if you think that you will not be investigated and brought to justice for these electoral crimes, you better think again. What I am issuing here is not an empty threat, but a promise. I will defend this country’s democracy even if it costs me my own blood, because Malawians have been denied electoral justice long enough. So consider this your final warning, because the time for games is over.

Having said that, as someone ready to assume the role of Commander in Chief, I wish to commend our military and the police for the professional manner in which they continue to keep Malawians and their votes secure. I also wish to commend the Malawi Electoral Commission for the pivotal role it is playing in ensuring that the process is credible and transparent. Thirdly, I wish to commend the role of international monitors and local monitors across political parties, for refusing to take their eyes off any polling center or any ballot box or any tally sheets until this election is declared, despite enduring long and sleepless nights, endless hours in the sun on empty stomachs, and intimidation from people who know that their day of defeat has come.

Lastly, I wish to thank all members and monitors of Malawi Congress Party across the country. Some of you are working without pay or supplies, which is a great sacrifice for Malawi I will not forget. I want each of you to know that without your vigilance and sacrifice until the end, our victory would not be as secure as it is now. Refuse to be pushed over and refuse to be bought. If you are a monitor and you signed a result sheet, MEC owes you a copy of that result sheet, and if a MEC Presiding Officer has refused to give you a copy, report that officer to our party headquarters so we can expose them. Like I have been saying, no one is going to steal this election. Enough is enough!

Posted by Joseph Gibson on Wednesday, May 22, 2019


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