Malawi Congress Party’s Vision is “to steer Malawi towards prosperity by creating a credible and stable environment for socio-economic growth and development.”

Malawi Congress Party’s Mission is “to be an agent of transformation that serves Malawians in social, political and economic aspects.”

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Posted by Malawi Congress Party Diaspora Branch – MCPDB on Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Strategic Priorities:

MCP has seven strategic priority areas for the attainment of the aspirations of Malawians in 2019 and beyond. These areas will also serve as key performance enablers and metrics that, if implemented, are set to catalyse and stimulate Malawi’s economy.

These are:-

  • Policy and institutional systemic reforms
  • Agricultural production and food security
  • Infrastructure development
  • Education
  • Health
  • Youth development and empowerment
  • Energy and Mining

MCP’s Promise to Malawians:

Our commitment as the MCP is to sustainably improve the welfare of the people of Malawi. We are committed to create and govern a politically stable, socially vibrant, and economically secure Malawi, a nation that is fully entrenched with democratic institutions, values, processes, and ideals.

Our policies and strategies have been carefully conceived, creatively designed, and regularly reviewed to bring about a new Malawi in which social mobility and economic prosperity are guaranteed for all hardworking Malawian citizens and residents, regardless of political and ideological affiliation. MCP is guided by the principles of true democracy, equal rights, self-esteem, self-respect, and respect for others, all of which are diametrically opposed to regionalism and sexism.

The hallmark of MCP strategies is that they put the people first. They are people-centred and have a human face, designed to empower the people to do their own planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the impact of these strategies.

While this broad policy framework is intended to guide the MCP administration,  the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of these strategies will be highly inclusive and consultative at all times in close liaison with all stakeholders at all levels of society, especially the grassroots level.

The Malawi Congress Party is the only party that believes that economic growth, communal harmony, and social justice go hand-in-hand. As such the MCP, even sitting in the opposition benches, nurtures and values the spirit of patriotism and ownership in all efforts to reconstruct and develop Malawi.

The MCP has identified elements that impede development, and as a party we are committed to continue fighting against each of them:

  • Corruption
  • Disease
  • Hunger
  • Lack of Dignified Housing
  • Overpopulation
  • Youth Underdevelopment and Unemployment

Malawi Congress Party’s Values

Malawi Congress Party’s values are grounded on the defence, promotion,  and extension of the Party’s fundamental values of:

  • Unity, which is the defining feature of any social or political entity. Within the context of the Malawi Congress Party political philosophy/ideology, the unity of purpose precedes unity as dedication to party ideals. MCP believes that nationhood, statehood, sense of community, sense of belonging, social cohesion and singularity of the state are only possible with unity.
  • Loyalty to one’s country, nation or state is principally possible when every citizen subscribes and observes the supreme law of the land. MCP believes that loyalty to one’s country’s constitution (i.e. patriotism) is loyalty to the fundamental vision of one’s society.
  • Obedience: MCP believes that political authority must always be exercised within the limits of the moral order and directed toward the common good. When political authority is so exercised, obedience would imply submission to the law.
  • Discipline brings with it honesty (integrity) which is very important for ethical and professional conduct of the civil service, public institutions, private businesses and communities as they undertake community social development projects. Lack of discipline, if we may add, is why news headlines of fraud and corruption with impunity, are the order of the day under the current and previous administrations.

These, we believe, are key values for progressive re-construction and transformation of Malawi’s political, economic and social landscape.

Malawi Congress Party’s commitment to good governance

The MCP believes in a transparent and responsible Government that will serve with humility and integrity. The MCP will rationalize government ministries and make public appointments based on expertise and competence – not party or family interests. The MCP will also uphold the Constitution by ensuring equality amongst ALL Malawians.

The MCP will ensure implementation of the following governance issues

The Executive

The Head of state will be the President with both executive and ceremonial powers. The President shall stay in office for a maximum of two consecutive five year terms. The President will appoint and supervise a functioning cabinet and will be accountable to the people through the National Assembly.

The MCP realizes that close consultation with the National Executive Committee (NEC) will enhance the robustness of control mechanisms for the executive arm of government in pursuing priority national objectives.

The Judiciary

The MCP government will guarantee a judiciary that is impartial, effective and truly independent. It will also ensure security of tenure for the judges. . The MCP will institute constitutional development and continuously improve laws so as to conform to the evolving multiparty political dispensation.

The Legislature

The MCP government will ensure that there will be a Parliament duly elected by the people to represent them in the law-making body.

Political Stability and National Unity

The MCP is committed to the restoration of Malawi’s prestigious beacon, namely, stability and unity, through equitable public appointments based on merit, equitable distribution of development projects and not least through incorruptible leadership.  In addition, the MCP shall ensure that steps are taken to stamp out regionalism and other factors that potentially endanger political stability and national unity.

Peoples Participation

Involvement of the citizens at all levels of society in the day to day affairs of government and development efforts is instrumental especially for a democracy. The postponement of local government elections in the past has denied the masses the chance to realistically take charge of their destiny. The MCP is thus committed to fully bring about democratic development in which citizens participate in a variety of ways at all levels in making the decisions which affect their lives.

Civil Society

MCP sees Civil Society as the prime catalyst for consolidating democracy, community empowerment and self-development. A vibrant Civil Society promotes respect for each other’s rights, responsibilities, choices and views and nurtures the sense of community and the act of living together. The MCP Government will therefore work closely with civil society for the betterment of all Malawians.

Human Rights and Rule of Law

Every individual in Malawi shall be guaranteed all rights and freedoms recognized by our Constitution and other international instruments to which Malawi is a party.


An MCP government will pursue a policy of zero tolerance to corruption. MCP will outline and implement various measures and instruments that will stamp out corruption, fraud and theft in both public and private sectors.

Among other measures, it will fulfil its promise to Malawians on empowering the offices of the Accountant General, Auditor General, Public Accounts Committee and the Anti-Corruption Bureau, to ensure that officials and politicians entrusted with public funds act responsibly and in a transparent manner, with regard to the utilization, reporting and accountability of public funds. Further, such “watchdog” institutions will be independent of the Executive arm of Government.