It is an honour again for me to stand in this August house and address my Honourable colleagues, and in particular, Lilongwe City South East Constituents who have entrusted me to represent their interests.

Mr. Speaker Sir, allow me to appreciate once again my Party President Rt. Honourable Dr. Lazarus Chakwera for taking a huge responsibility in making sure that Lilongwe City South East Constituency should have its duly representative in this house.

In the same spirit let me also acknowledge you Mr. Speaker Sir, Hon. Lombola, former speaker of this house hon. Louis Chimango, hon. Ken Kandodo, my fellow Malawi Congress Party legislators, Religious leaders, Malawi Congress Party Regional Committee led by hon. Chilondola, Malawi Congress Party Lilongwe Urban led by Mr. Matchumbuza, Mr. Kachibekete my Constituency chairman and the entire committee.

In a very Special way let me appreciate the giant of the lower Shire, the hero, Mr. Ichocho, Mbuya Sidik Mia and Madam Mia for being there for me when I most needed help. Even at the lowest moments, when times were hard, this man would drive all the way from Chikwawa just to help Lilongwe South East get what it truly deserved.

May the good Lord reward them exceedingly and abundantly!

Mr. Speaker Sir, you may wish to know that Lilongwe City South East Constituency has contributed alot in this country despite being the least developed constituency.


Mr. Speaker Sir, this constituency has, through state house, hosted all the presidents of this Country namely Ngwazi Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda who is the father and founder of this Republic (May His Soul Continue Resting In Peace), Dr. Bakili Muluzi, Prof. Bingu Wa Mutharika (May His Soul Continue Resting in Peace), Dr. Joyce Banda and Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika.

Lilongwe City South East also houses the head Quarters of thee Malawi Defence Force.

Mr. Speaker Sir even now as we speak, 10 of the sitting 193 members of parliament reside from this constituency, demonstrating how important Lilongwe South east is. I like to call it the Nation’s engine.


Mr. Speaker Sir, it is estimated that over 270,000 people live in Lilongwe City South East alone.

Many Civil Servants, blue collar workers and Small Scale Business men and women who are an integral part of our economy call this Constituency home. These are the most enduring people, who despite of economic challenges always endure and never run short of creative and innovative ideas. I have many examples, but allow me to cite only 1, the first Malawian telephone beaurau business was in Area 23. These people are humble, but very business minded and have been a value-add to Lilongwe and Malawi at large.


Mr. Speaker Sir, while Lilongwe City South East Constituency has produced alot of intellectuals who are now influencing Malawi and who are dotted in the diaspora, the Constituency benefits least from these precious Malawians and still lacks in all sectors.

It is time for us to create tangible opportunities for these intellectuals who are holding high positions in the public and private sectors to give back to their roots.


Mr. Speaker Sir, Lilongwe City South East Constituency has produced what we call today National Football legends such as Young Chimodzi Snr, Late Reuben Malola(RIP), Noah Lambulira, Maxwell Jam, Christopher John Banda (RIP), Russell Mwafulirwa, Andrew Luwembe, Dereck Chisekula (RIP), Dereck and Dan Somanje just to mention but a few. Many of our netball queens also find their sporting roots in my area

Mr. Speaker Sir, you may also wish to note that the famous Kamuzu Barracks United, is our own team.

It is therefore the wish of the people in the Lilongwe City South East Constituency to have their own sports infrastructure as a thank you contribution but also to continue to develop the much untapped talents struggling for the lack of neccesities. The first National Netball Arena must be planted in LCSE!


Mr. Speaker Sir, inspite all these individual achievements and with all these celebrities, Lilongwe City South East Constituency is still remains the least developed urban community in Malawi.

Talk of education Mr. Speaker Sir, it is disheartening to see classrooms been overcrowded with 200 students in one class making the studies quite difficult.

Am talking of one schools like Msambeta Primary which has over 30 classes who in 2017, are sitting under trees and with lack of basic school materials and not enough teachers.

This is the urban Constituency that even teachers complain of teaching materials, lack of adequate infrastructure and being underpaid.

Mr. Speaker Sir, a number of schools don’t even have running water and toilets aren’t in use this automatically brings about diseases and possible loss of life.

Mr. Speaker Sir, what I am saying is that the living standards in Lilongwe City South East is extremely pathetic as basic facilities are a challenge.

Mr. Speaker Sir, the people of Lilongwe City South East Constituency are deeply worried with the road drainage from Chipasula through Area 23 which after a contractor just finished his work, things are as just as bad as ever before and it is alleged Mr. Speaker Sir, that the contract hasn’t been awarded yet, and the design hasn’t been approved but the project is already finished on the ground. This is a curious example of abuse.

As am talking Mr. Speaker Sir, the bridge behind statehouse is not yet constructed and yet people continue losing lives because sadly, there are five private rickety crossing rope bridges where people pay to cross, even though their safety is not assured.

The importance of this bridge is obvious but our government has chosen to ignore this project.


Despite all these blackouts, which everyone knows about, and this August house is not spared, Mr. Speaker Sir, people in Landscape, Area 44, Tambalale, Gologota don’t have even 1 watt of electrity.


Mr. Speaker Sir, the welfare of our Police officers in Lilongwe City South East Constituency is simply pathetic and i don’t even know where to start because it is unheard of.

People in Lilongwe City South East Constituency are asking why they don’t have enough Police Units? Why aren’t more Police Officers being employed to protect them, their families and their property.


Mr. Speaker Sir, i will do injustice if i don’t talk about the Health Centre challenge.

At 53years of Independence, Lilongwe City South East has not even a single health Centre. According to the WHO, every 8,000 people must have access to a Health Centre within walking distance but this is not the case in Lilongwe City South East Constituency where people especially women have no choice but to go far as Kamuzu Central Hospital, Bwaila Hospital or Kawale just to get assistance when they are ill.

Mr. Speaker Sir, 5people are asking me why all our neighboring constiencies have this catered for, if we could have some of our own, the dignity of our people can be preserved.

Mr. Speaker Sir, Honourable Member I thank you for listening.



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