My Fellow Malawians,
I feel humbled and honored for this opportunity to run and serve with the next president of the Republic of Malawi, Dr Lazarus Chakwera.

That Dr Chakwera chose his deputy as his running mate in 2014 did not make it a guarantee for me to be chosen as his running mate in next year’s watershed election. As we all know, it is a presidential candidate’s prerogative to scout for a running mate, be it from within and without the party.

I thank God and I am truly humbled, grateful and honored that he has settled for me.

During the announcement, Dr Chakwera made it clear that he is a man of consistency. He wanted to honour the express wishes of the 2018 convention which elected me as the party’s deputy president, just like he did with the 2014 convention which elected the outgoing speaker of Parliament as party deputy president.

To me, this shows that Dr Chakwera is a real democrat. To me, this shows that Dr Chakwera is a mature leader. To me, this shows that the next president of the Republic of Malawi, Dr Lazarus Chakwera, is a man of honour.

My Fellow Malawians,
I would also like to sincerely thank my dear wife Abida Sidik Mia. She has been by my side through thick and thin. A true definition of an energizer. A blessing of my life, par excellence! Abida makes the saying that ‘behind every successful man, there’s a strong, wise and hardworking woman,’ ring true.

My Fellow Malawians,
This running mate position is not about me. It is about you. Granted, I may have resources to afford me a comfortable life here on earth but as I always say; it is meaningless to enjoy life of abundance while your neighbor, your fellow countrymen and women are wallowing in abject poverty. Ironically this is poverty exacerbated by such mediocre leadership as we currently have in this country.

Our country is going in the wrong direction. We need to rescue Malawi from destruction and set her on a trajectory where we can prosper together as a nation.

The next republican president, Dr Lazarus Chakwera, is promoting the mantra: One People, One Nation! Dr Chakwera knows no discrimination. Dr Chakwera knows no race, color, tribe, religion, region, etc. I am a testament to this and his dear wife, Monica Chakwera, who hails from the Northern region district of Rumphi is also a testament to this. Dr Chakwera’s children, married in Thyolo, Karonga and Ntcheu among other districts across the country are also a testament to his character. Dr Chakwera is a man of honour!

My Fellow Malawians,
The next republican president wants to run this country on account of respecting rule of law and not rule of man. This, he means, everyone must comply with the law as no one is above the law.

President Chakwera wants to fight the endemic corruption in our government—the cancer that is eating the fabric of our nation. Dr Chakwera wants to see the rule of rule in the fight against corruption in that those who breach the law should meet the full wrath of the law irrespective of the fact that they are connected to him or not. Dr Chakwera will favour no one, he will fear no one. He will only uphold the supreme law of the land— the constitution of the republic of Malawi— in its true sense.

The next republican president Dr Lazarus Chakwera wants to be our servant and not our boss. He believes in servant leadership not this current indifferent leadership.

My Fellow Malawians,
All I have paraphrased above is what President Chakwera is preaching—the Chakwera High Five Agenda—and I am convinced that he is the sort of the leader we must have in this country.

I therefore would like to renew my vow that I will work hard, visit the hard to reach places, even if it means using a canoe to reach those places. I will knock on every door to hunt for the winning vote and I will leave no stone unturned until we change the wrong direction our country has taken. In May next year, this country will be in the safe hands.
To President Chakwera,

Let it be known that I shall continue to be your most loyal, hardworking, dedicated and obedient deputy. I know for sure that transforming our country won’t be possible with fights between deputies and their superiors. I want to put it on record that I shall continue to be your loyal deputy.

To all Malawians who want a change in direction for our country, we seek your support for ours is a noble cause—to truly develop the motherland and uplift the living standards of her inhabitants. To all our supporters across the country, I promise that that we will do our very best and we will humbly ask God to do the rest!

It’s game on!

Sidik Mia
MCP Vice President



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