1. MCP government will work hard to improve our transport networks in districts like Mchinji. We will have what we call “inter railway links” between village factories across the county
  2. We want to bring back road contractors of Kamuzu’s choices who when they construct a road, it must stay another 50 years without maintenance. We will construct a high four-way road with best grade bitumen from Blantyre to Mzuzu via Kasungu. We will also improve the lakeshore road
  3. We will connect rural roads across the country where agriculture and mining takes place
  4. We will revamp Admarc to a commodity house from a commodity market so that value addition is initiated to our local products to fetch better global market prices
  5. We will improve the health sector by training more state registered nurses. Some may be for export to seek international jobs and earn more forex. We will make sure that our hospitals deliver services as required and on time with the fully backed availability of medicines, medical equipment, staff, and beds
  6. We will shake Capital Hill and bring people that are professional, innovative and entrepreneurial, we want to make civil service efficient and effective
  7. Will improve the livelihood of our security system, both the police and the army
  8. We are opening up on dual citizenship, giving Malawians in the diaspora the opportunity to contribute to the development of our country.
  9. We will control our economy and not be controlled by observing all economic indicators
  10. We will source water from the lake and circulate it up to Mchinji
  11. We will build a dam on the Shire river to improve our electricity and bring to a halt to blackouts or power-sharing
  12. We want to promote checks and balances in all government institutions.  ACB will operate independently, no favoritism
  13. We will shake our banks through reserve banks to open up to commercial lending
  14. The elderly will access half the price medicines. We will also introduce buses that will be carrying students using concession tickets including those very vulnerable ones
  15. We will make sure we export more products than imports
  16. We will negotiate to reopen Beira coast accessibility in addition to Nacala
  17. We want to make boarder districts into towns ie Mchinji, Karonga, Nsanje,  Mwanza Mulanje and Dedza, to prove economic activities

Malawi will be another heaven after our ten years of office

Dr Laz live in Mchinji…

Posted by Joseph Gibson on Sunday, November 18, 2018

viva Chakwera viva MCP



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