Maiden Speech.
Hon. Sitolo
MCP Mp, Nsanje Lalanje

Mr Speaker Sir,

Thank you for according me this opportunity to
deliver my maiden speech in this August House.

But before I do so Mr Speaker, Sir, let me, on
behalf of people of Nsanje Lalanje Constituency to take this opportunity to extend my condolences to the family of Late Hon. Sam
Ganda on his untimely demise. May his soul
continue resting in peace.

Mr Speaker, Sir, I rise to speak in this chamber for the first time. It is a great privilege to be able to do so. I owe that privilege to first of all, the
almighty GOD for protection and abundant

Further more, Mr Speaker, Sir, I owe my historic
victory to people of Nsanje Lalanje Constituency for their wise choice in entrusting me with this challenging legislative responsibility to represent them in this August House. I am to live up to the trust my Family members, Religious and Traditional leaders, business community as well as friends and many more in Nsanje Lalanje have put in me.

Mr Speaker, Sir, am in this Chamber to serve the
interests of the people of Nsanje Lalanje
Constituency and am going to do that with great distinction.

In a special way, Mr Speaker, Sir, let me thank my President, Rt. Honorable Rev. Dr Lazarus
Chakwera and all my fellow MCP
Parliamentarians, members of the National
Executive Committee of MCP and all others for
their support through many ways including
material support, advice and words of wisdom
rendered to me during the campaign period and
the electoral process.

In another special way, Mr Speaker, Sir, allow me to express my profound thanks to Mbuya
Honorable Muhammed Sidik Mia and Madame
Abida Mia for playing a very remarkable role to
my victory.

Mr Speaker, I would like to congratulate my
President Hon Rev. Dr Lazarus Chakwera for his ‘constructive response’ to the State President’s
national address on the opening of the 47th
Session of Parliament on 10th November, 2017.The responses given by both MCP and People’s Party can heavily benefit Malawi only if the current regime is prepared to pay attention.
Mr Speaker Sir, Nsanje Lalanje can develop
rapidly if considered because of its geographical position. To just mention a few, Mr Speaker, Sir, we have an air field, M1 Road and Railway line which were all established by the Father and Founder of our Nation His Excellency the Late Ngwazi Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda.

But today Mr Speaker, Sir, it is such a pity to note that the once a vibrant railway line has not been operational for quite a long time. It is such a pity indeed Mr Speaker, Sir, to see no rehabilitation works taking place on this important transport infrastructure and the DPP government is showing no any interest at all.

As a result, Mr Speaker, Sir, the whole burden
from such a negligence is on us the people of
Nsanje Lalanje because we always have to pay the canoe operators to cross the crock dile infested Mtayamoyo river even whenever we want to go to our fields every day.

Mr Speaker, Sir, many people have lost their lives and we continue to lose lives of our beloved ones in this river hence the name “Mtayamoyo”. On this note, I would like to ask the DPP led government to seriously
consider the construction of bridge at Mtayamoyo River and further rehabilitate Chiromo Bridge.

Mr Speaker, the Thekerani, Makwasa, Makhanga road project which the State President mentioned in his National Address in this Chamber on 10th November, 2017 will be meaningless to us in Nsanje Lalanje and Shire Valley as a whole if the road between Makhanga and Bangula remain in its present state.

Further Mr Speaker, I would like to ask the DPP
led government to construct bridges at Thangadzi and Dande Rivers.These rivers,Mr Speaker,Sir, become impassable during the rain season and this largely affect the school children,the elderly and the pregnant women.

Mr Speaker Sir, I have noted with great concern
that the DPP Government continue to sideline
Nsanje Lalanje with development. We have been hearing about plans to build Bangula University and that land was already identified but until today nothing visible has been done on the ground.

Mr Speaker Sir, our friends in other Districts like
Karonga, Balaka, Mulanje, Mwanza, Dedza,
Ntcheu, Mangochi have greatly benefited and
continue to benefit through developmental
projects like the construction of Football Stadiums, Markets and Bus Depots which boosts the council’s revenue collection but I wonder why we are not considered in the Shire Valley Districts of Chikwawa and Nsanje. Perhaps the Minister responsible will give me a good reason for that.

Additionally, Mr Speaker, I would like to mention about the high level of unemployment especially among the youth in Nsanje Lalanje Constituency.

Mr Speaker, Sir,it is very sad to note that this is
significantly contributing to early marriages as well as teen pregnancies.

Mr Speaker Sir, we have been hearing about the community Technical Colleges and one was earmarked to be built in Nsanje Lalanje
Constituency but as I stand here now, there is
nothing at the site which was eyemarked for this project. The implementation of this project, Mr Speaker, Sir, would have greatly benefited the youth in my constituency and the surrounding areas through several vocational training skills like carpentry and joinery, motor vehicle mechanics, tailoring and design among others for self employment.

On education, Mr Speaker Sir, it is sad to mention in this chamber that the school drop out rate is high in my constituency due to poverty. Again the tendency of Self Boarding by students in Community Day Secondary Schools is further contributing to the early marriages and teen pregnancies. I would therefore like to ask the Ministry of Education to consider building girls hostels at Kalambo CDSS and Magoti CDSS and elevate Phokera CDSS to a full boarding Secondary School so as to substantially counter this bad trend.

In addition, there is shortage of teachers houses in almost all schools in Nsanje Lalanje Constituency particularly in the following; Bangula Primary School, Lalanje Primary School, Madziabango Primary School, Mpisamanja Primary School, Kaombe Primary School,Tiza Primary School, Mwachedwa Primary School,Nyamitalala Primary School, Dande Primary School Khope Primary
School, Mlonda Primary School,Magoti Primary
and CDSS,Phokera CDSS,Kalambo CDSS to just
mention a few.

Mr Speaker Sir, our agricultural production in
Nsanje Lalanje is heavily affected by the crop
disease called ‘Four Army Worms’ which is
destroying our crops. I would like to know if the Government is aware of this problem and what is being done to end the spread of these deadly worms in Nsanje Lalanje and the surrounding areas.

Mr Speaker Sir, Bangula Trading Centre is the
largest trading centre in Nsanje District but there is no government health centre like the one at Phokera and Sorgin. The one we have is Kalemba Health Centre which is payable to access medical services quite challenging for us in the villageespecially with this worsening poverty. We have villages like Jambo, Tambo, Kalenso, Chintedza, Brighton, Gamba, Chikanzi, Mnyang’a, Sabola, Mpisamanja, Chisamba
, Mtchenyera, Kadamela, Nyamthana, among
others which surround Bangula Trading Centre
with a high population but with no government
Health Centre.

Mr Speaker Sir, I would like to ask the DPP government to construct a Health Centre
at Bangula to serve well the lives of the people.
Mr Speaker Sir, the electricity problem has reached the ‘Reach out and Touch’ situation and indeed it’s a national disaster. But surprisingly, Mr Speaker, Sir, in Nsanje Lalanje Constituency, wewere privileged to have no power interruptions(blackouts)in the run up to October 17th Bye-Elections. But little did we know that it was a mere campaign gimmick by the blue camp. Mr Speaker Sir, I am sad to report that immediately after the
bye-elections, the re-current black-outs became the order of the day and probably the worst ever. Mr Speaker, Sir, these power cuts require urgent attention and ofcourse lasting solutions as businesses are collapsing each passing day. Think of those who run Barbershops as their source of income, they cannot afford to buy a generator.Cement is becoming scarce and expensive because its production in the country is being affected by electricity problems.

Mr Speaker Sir, we saw the up-grading of feeder roads in Nsanje Lalanje during the campaign period. During the time, Mr Speaker, Sir,Construction equipment were all over in my
constituency doing the rehabilitation works
obviously as a campaign strategy by the ruling
party. Mr Speaker Sir, I would like to remind the
DPP Government that development is not a
privilege to buy the votes rather it is a right to the citizenry.

We do not expect to be given developments
during the campaign period only, let it be a
government responsibility all the times.
Mr Speaker Sir, I have my reservations on the
conduct of Malawi Police Service and the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation on their usual biasness towards the ruling party. This was order of the day in Nsanje Lalanje during the campaign period.

I know there are well qualified people in these
two state institutions capable of doing their work professionally but they fear for their jobs. Its high time that the DPP government free these tax payer funded institutions to be independent otherwise the biggest loser is democracy.

Mr Speaker Sir, I feel privileged to be in this
chamber and to have the opportunity to
contribute towards the development of Malawi
through my legislative responsivities.

With these few remarks Mr Speaker Sir, I thank
you for giving me time to speak in this chamber for the first time.



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