Today, I addressed a great rally in the nation’s capital. In my remarks, I described four groups of Malawians:

1. THE PROTESTERS: In this group are all of us who voted for change and are rejecting MEC’s tipexxed results; all of us whose eyes are on the court case as we wait for justice; all of us whose feet are on the streets in protest as we demand the resignation of the MEC Chair who already publicly admitted that she accepted tipexxed result sheets; all of us who are living by the pillars of the Super Hi5 philosophy of Servant Leadership, Uniting Malawi, Prospering Together, Ending Corruption, and Rule of Law. If you are in this group, you must not relent.

2. THE RIGGERS: In this group are all those who tampered with the elections, those who told or paid them to do so, those who benefitted from their rigging acts, and those who are now working night and day to defend these acts of electoral fraud and frustrate our efforts to reverse them. If you are in this group, you will not prevail.

3. THE CRIMINALS: In this group are those lawless mercenaries who are being sent and paid to infiltrate and disrupt our peaceful marches for justice, blocking roads and stoning vehicles, harassing travelers and robbing motorists, vandalizing cars and looting shops, burning property and beating up protesters. If you are in this group, you will not escape.

4. THE SPECTATORS: In this group are those citizens and voters who feel aggrieved that their vote was trampled on and their country is being plundered, but who say and do nothing to fight for justice, who stand on the sidelines and watch idly as others are marching, rallying, and speaking out in the face of police teargas, mockery, death threats, and imprisonment. If you are in this group, you must join the fight.

Which group are you in?


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