Fellow Malawians,

This morning, I have stopped by the mausoleum of Malawi’s Founding Father, the late Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda, to pay my respects on this 3rd of December, the date on which he was laid to rest here in the nation’s capital 21 years ago.

One of the things that should inspire us all as citizens of that nation he founded is his philosophy of work. In this regard, he firstly led us to be a hard working people who do not depend or wait on others to do for us what we can do for ourselves. But even just as critically, The Ngwazi also insisted that the work we do must be of such high quality and standards as to stand the test of time.

This is the reason why during his rule, Dr. Banda was famous for his nationwide crop inspections that ensured that the farming methods being used were consistent with the vision of a nation that feeds itself and its neighbours. This is also why even today, the infrastructural works and institutions built by MCP during his rule are still standing and serving Malawians, even outlasting the already-deteriorating recent works built by successive governments.

To me, this is an expression of the Servant Leadership that I have committed to have as the first pillar of my CHAKWERA HIGH 5 agenda. Part of being a servant leader is producing works that will last long enough to serve Malawians of a generation beyond yours. To put it another way, Servant Leaders plant trees under whose shade they will not sit.

God Bless Malawi,

Lazarus Chakwera.
President, MCP.



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