Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, Good Evening.

Exactly one hundred and eighty days from now, the eyes of the nation and the world will turn towards this building.

Not only because of the historical import this building has every five years as the place for tallying all the votes cast in General Elections, but also because this is the place where our faith in the strength of our democracy will be affirmed or denied.

The core tenet of that faith and the chief cornerstone of its foundation is that every vote must be counted because every voter counts.

You see, on the eve of that day, over six million Malawians across the nation would have braved the early morning chill and long lines of May’s penultimate Tuesday to exercise a civic duty and a sacred birth right.

And with this election in particular, Malawians would have stood in those long lines knowing that they have a rare and real opportunity to disabuse themselves of

a government that is corrupt,
a government that is dishonest,
a government that is incompetent,
a government that is clueless,
a government that is recalcitrant,
a government that is abusive,
a government that is violent,
a government that is divisive,
a government that is wasteful,
a government that is secretive,
and a government that has to go.

When Malawians step into the voting booth to overthrow the DPP government, they will not be doing it for the love of their tribe, because getting the DPP out of  government is a national priority.

In fact, they will not even be doing it for the love of another party, because we all know by now that every party is capable of being intoxicated by greed and power.

Rather, they will be doing it for the love of their children, for the love of their neighbours, for the love of their relatives, for the love of their country.

In short, they will be doing it to usher in a new government that will build a new Malawi enjoyed by everyone.

Now, I want you to mark my words:

The new government that will build a new Malawi from May, 2019 will be formed by Malawi Congress Party.

The next government will be formed by MCP because voting Malawians believe that we are more capable of solving national problems than any other party.

The next government will be formed by MCP because voting Malawians are tired of voting for parties with manifestos full of empty and broken promises.

The next government will be formed by MCP because voting Malawians are tired of
individuals in high positions of government being silent and idle about DPP corruption and wastage for four years, and then suddenly speaking out against it
when they need votes.

The next government will be formed by MCP because voting Malawians know that they go to hospitals built by MCP, they study at colleges built by MCP, they get public service from parastatals built by MCP, they live in homes powered by electricity lines built by MCP, they mostly travel on roads built by MCP, they do business and work in cities built by MCP, they fly out of airports built by MCP, they eat food and grow crops from industries built by MCP, they seek protection from a police force and army built by MCP.

And even when they attend a political rally of any party, the entire format of that rally comes from MCP.

Most importantly, the next government will be formed by MCP because we will fight for every vote, campaign in every ward, cover every constituency, canvass every district, and call on every region.

We will engage everyone to personally campaign everyday, everywhere.

We will do so because I am confident that tonight and over the next 24 weeks, you will personally give and pledge to give sacrificially to make sure that we leave no stone unturned.

And for your sacrifice, I want to thank you. In fact, I can assure you that when you wake up on the morning of Wednesday, May 22, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have finally given Malawi the selfless service of a grateful President.




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