Fellow Malawians,

I have learnt with deep shock and sorrow of the untimely deaths of six of our beloved and dedicated men in uniform, killed in action while on a peacekeeping tour of duty in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Though their demise has robbed us of our might and our joy, we honour them for their example of courage and fortitude in the face of danger: They were patriots.

Though as a nation we have been stripped of a group of irreplaceable young professionals and been left with a gap that cannot be refilled, we honour them for the service they rendered every time they left their homes for months at a time to keep ours a land of peace and extend that peace to war-torn places and peoples beyond our borders: They were patriots.

Though we mourn their loss and feel the pain of their absence in solidarity with their families and friends, we honour them for the sacrifice they were willing to pay each time they risked their lives for the sake of others, often without appreciation from their own country or the people they sought to defend: They were patriots.

Though we often took their labour of love for granted because we have always felt so secure within our borders, we honour them for their vigilance in foregoing sleep and the comfort of their homes for our sake: They were patriots.

Though their demise spells untold anguish for their parents, spouses, children, and relations, we honour them for embodying a love of country that both humbles and inspires us towards a life more worthy of their sacrifice: They were patriots.

And so, on behalf of The Malawi Congress Party and all Malawians of good will everywhere, I join the Secretary General of the United Nations in sending my deepest sympathy and sincere condolences to the bereaved families, as well as to the Commander and all officers of the Malawi Defence Force for this tragic loss.

I further call upon the Government, the military, and all citizens to give the returning remains of these fallen heroes the honorable welcome and interment they deserve, for They were patriots.

Lastly, I pray that their departed souls will forever rest in peace.

I pray that their grieving families, friends, and compatriots will feel the comforting embrace of our gracious Lord assuaging the pain of their loss.

And I pray that their fellow officers, some of whom continue to serve in the cause for peace in the DRC and other places, will take courage in knowing that no matter the outcome of their own efforts, they have our deepest thanks for daily putting themselves in harm’s way for a cause that is not in vain.

May Their Souls Rest In Eternal Peace.

Dr Lazarus Chakwera, MP
Malawi Congress Party

Issued At Lilongwe
Thursday, 15th November 2018



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